SMDC Charm Residences - AMENITIES

The Charm Residences development has a resort-like atmosphere that allows residents to enjoy all the amenities and facilities of a five-star hotel without leaving the comforts of home, including a lap pool, a hotel-lobby inspired entrance area, function rooms and many more features.

Amenities and facilities available at Charm Residences include:

Lap Pool
A sleek modern lap pool will let you have a great way to get an energizing workout at the end of a busy day.

Adult Pool
A large swimming pool and landscaped pool area, available for the exclusive use of residents, makes a great place to relax and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, and take a break from routine with your loved ones.

Pool Lounge Area
A beautiful pool lounge area will make the perfect spot to hang out and relax, or welcome guests to your home in Charm Residences.

Children’s Pool
A children’s pool especially for the little ones will be sure to provide endless hours of fun for the youngest residents of Charm Residences, all in a safe and secure environment.

Main Garden Amenity Area
A main garden amenity area, with comfortable seating and shaded areas, adds a luxurious ambience to the public areas at Charm Residences as well as provides a great spot to hang out and relax with your family and friends.

Pocket Gardens
Pockets of green, lush landscaped gardens dotted throughout the Charm Residences grounds will provide welcome greenery and a natural park-like atmosphere that beautifully contrasts with the sleek modern design of the buildings, and allow residents to enjoy strolling around the grounds at home.

Function Rooms
Private function rooms for the exclusive use of residents at Charm Residences are a great place and an extended space at home to throw a party, have a gathering or celebrate a birthday and invite guests.

Basketball Court
A basketball court will become a very popular hangout spot for the teens and the adults to get together to enjoy some sport and exercise.

Children’s Play Area
A purpose-built children’s play area will provide a contained, safe and secure place for young ones to play, explore and discover, as well as meet new friends amongst their neighbors in Charm Residences.

Hotel-Lobby Inspired Entrance
A grand entrance lobby area and reception area greets your return home at Charm Residences, providing a wonderful homecoming for you, and an impressive welcome for your guests and visitors.

Entrance Gate And Guardhouse
An entrance gate with a guardhouse manned by a 24/7 security service monitors residents’ safety and all visitors to Charm Residences, ensuring complete peace of mind for you and your family at home.

  • Lap Pool
  • Adult Pool
  • Kids Pool
  • Pool Lounge Area
  • Main Garden Amenity Area
  • Pocket Gardens
  • Functions Rooms
  • Basketball Court
  • Children's Play Area
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